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Welcome to our website—Virginia's source for 18th & 19th century historical and rendezvous clothing, buckskinning supplies, handmade leather products, shoulder bags, belt bags, sporrans, chemises, pants, shirts, petticoats, shortgowns, T-Style dresses, children's clothing, moccasins, outer breeches, haversacks, suspenders, knives & sheaths, holsters, pistol belts, western styles rigs and saddles.

We have both been camping and cooking out over a fire since we were kids and have not grown out of it yet. How much fun to travel around the country with our store, playing music and meeting new friends along the way.

Please browse our online catalog for all of your rendezvous needs, wants and gotta haves. We make clothes, moccasins and accoutrements for all ages. Special and custom orders are welcome. All fabric is pre-washed before each garment is made. All leather items are hand sewn. We guarantee all of our work 100%. We take great pride in each item we make. We accept PayPal, Personal Checks and Money Orders.

Hope to see you at the next Rendezvous!!—Flick and Sharon

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